Online Training

Get started today with “ME” your very own personal trainer online.

When you get started with my online training you will wonder why you didn’t start long ago. It simple, easy and most of all, fun. Once you sign up for my online training you will download my fitness app. so you can take it with you everywhere. See below what you will get and more.

  • Customized workouts
  • Exercise videos
  • Accountability
  • 30 day challenges
  • Nutritional goals
  • Works with FitBit
  • Meal Plans
  • Calorie tracker
  • Progress tracker
  • Motivation goals
  • Personal best goals
  • Two-way messaging

My online training will provide custom exercise videos and clear instructions on how to do a specific exercise. You’ve got support and fitness advice, and conveniently in your pocket.

Struggling to lose that baby weight?
Are you a stay at home mom that doesn’t have time to go to the gym?
Are you a busy career woman with limited hours in the day?

I want to help you! Let me customize a nutritional plan with a workout just for YOU!

Online Training

1st month: $12/week
1 month: $99
3 months: $75/month

Nutritional Plan

1 month: $99
3 months: $75/month

Combo (Online + Nutritional)

1 month: $175
3 months: $99/month

90 Days of Action

3 months: $29/month

30 Day Booty Lift


In-Person Personal Training

Contact For Pricing

The Benefits of Using My Online Personal Training Program

Since the workout sessions aren’t done in person, you can choose to workout anytime you like. We’re all busy. You don’t want to have to coordinate schedules with someone who trains in a gym across town, or rush to and from work to get to the gym. Another bonus is that my online workouts contain a lot of bodyweight exercises, which can be completed at home. You’re now in charge of your fitness!

Have you ever wanted to hire a personal trainer and then found out they charge $75-$125/hour? Not everyone can afford that. Especially if it’s more than once a week, personal training can have a pretty hefty price tag. I can charge a lot less for my online training online rather than my in-person sessions. You will find an entire month of online training is way less than my 1 hour of one-on-one, in-person training, and your investment will stretch out a lot longer.

How often do you think you would message an in-person trainer? Well, with my online training, you can message me at any time. You can do it through my online personal training app, or you can text, call, or Skype. Being online means the lines of communication are always open. You probably get even more attention from me because I will routinely be checking in on you through the app.

Working with me online means you don’t even have to be in the same city as me. You have found the perfect personal trainer suited to your fitness goals and needs–whether that’s losing a few pounds, learning new workouts, preparing for fitness competitions, or getting some advice on nutrition–you don’t even have to live on the same continent as me!

While online training may involve more self-motivation, I am just a click away. I will also be messaging you each week to check in on your progress and making sure that you are completing your workouts. There really are no excuses anymore!

Now that everything is online, it’s trackable. Want to know if you’ve ever done that many reps, or lifted that much weight before? My fitness app will tell you if you’ve hit a personal best. Even stats like body weight and body fat percentage can be tracked and viewed on a graph over time. I will also keep track of your before and after photos. I want to make sure you are seeing the results that you want.

What Others Are Saying…

  • “Lori Fetrick is simply one of the coolest chicks I have ever met! She is a very professional and a caring trainer. She listened to my needs and my concerns and really delivered an amazing training program for me. I had gained over 20lbs after my first baby and lost my confidence. Even though I’m a mom I still want to look sexy.  I have been training online with Lori for the last 6 months and the results are awesome. I have lost 20lbs and have kept it off.  Her sane and balanced approach to fitness and nutrition is a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with misinformation, and her energy and personality alone put her on my list of favorite fitness professionals. Anyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with Lori walks away a happier, more positive person.”

    Carla Smith
    Nashville, TN
  • “Lori is one of the most professional and hardworking trainers I’ve ever worked with. After my second baby I needed to lose 35lbs. I had tried other programs and they just were a bunch of non-sense. So when I was referred to Lori she was able to create a workout and nutrition plan that was result-driven and fun, that’s no easy task! I realized how convenient it is to have an online trainer. I am a very busy person and love the flexibility. I not only lost the 35lbs, I can now put on my bathing suit and feel confident again. If you’re looking for a trainer to change your body and your life, Lori Fetrick is your girl.”

    Bonnie Carter
    Denver, CO
  • “I have been working with Lori for over a year now, and I love it! Before I started with Lori I remember the first time I stepped into the gym I had no idea what I was doing. I was so frustrated with the lack of information and all the rules. I wanted to have fun, train safely, and see results, without feeling intimidated or embarrassed. She knew exactly how to get the results I needed. Even after training with her for only one month, I saw a great change in my body and got so many compliments from everybody! And our workouts are never boring… I’m always laughing which makes the session so much more fun. (But she still kicks my ass!)”

    Suzie Stencil
    Los Angeles, CA
  • “This is an amazing experience; I can’t believe how convenient it is having my trainer online. Lori and I communicate twice a week to make sure I’m on track. Lori is an amazing coach. I’m not tech savvy buy the app was so easy to download with just a few clicks. The workout program is well worth the cost of coaching alone. I started with the Gladiator Bodyshred then moved into her online training. I enjoyed every single workout I did. I gained some amazing strength. I am  never bored. Lori was always available with suggestions, substitutions, and guidance. I highly recommend Lori if you’re looking to improve your life or wear your kick-ass bikini!”

    Atlanta, GA
  • “It’s not a one size fits all with Lori…Lori really work with you one-on-one and ask you questions about what you’re eating and what your daily life is like so she can help you fit in exercise and diet in a way that isn’t going to take over your world. I wanted that bikini body and six pack, and I got it. Best thing I’ve ever done! Do yourself a favor, stop putting it off!”

    Heather Hinson
    Chicago, IL
  • “Exercise, I now do out of joy and because I deserve It, rather than as punishment. I am a CEO of a company and very busy, I needed something that was easy and quick to follow. I lost 20 pounds and 30 inches overall and 15lbs to go. Gladiator Bodyshred is exactly what I needed. It gave me the step by step guidance on my workouts and it wasn’t overwhelming. I love her meal plan! It was so simple and easy. I am now training with her online and love it! I truly recommend Lori to anyone who wants to finally lose that weight.”

    Emily Hillman
    New York, NY
  • “Lori’s online training was a godsend for me. At first I wasn’t sure if it was for me. Lori worked with me closely she showed me how easy it was. I have been with Lori for 9 months now. The Gladiator Bodyshred is awesome. The workouts are all under 30min. and her nutritional plans helped me lose over 20lbs. I look in the mirror and finally feel happy and confident with myself. I’m so thankful for Lori and all she has done for me.  Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and of course get on board with Lori’s online training program.”

    Ericca Anderson
    Redding, CA
  • “I’ve learned a lot about myself, my strength, dedication, and hard work. Over the past several months I’ve learned how to work hard for what I want, how to love my body, and how to practice self- control. I downloaded the Gladiator Bodyshred mastered the 30-day program saw awesome results so I decided to just go for it and have her as my own personal trainer online. It is so easy to download, all my workouts are customized for me. I now fit into those jeans I’ve had on the shelf for 2 years. I can’t wait for the summer just so I can wear my bikini with confidence.”

    Ashley Cohen
    Orlando, FL

You get all of this for as much as you would pay for one, one-on-one session with me in person.

So what are you waiting for? Start now! Let’s train together.